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Gas Spot Market

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PEGAS CEGH products
PEGAS CEGH products
Transparent Trading with First-Class Service

Gas Exchange Spot Market

Trading of PEGAS CEGH Spot Market products is possible 24/7 all day. This includes Within-Day Products (Rest of Day), Hourly-Products and Day-Ahead Products

Two different kinds of membership are offered: 

1. Passive membership

  • The passive membership is a base requirement in order to be a Balance Group Responsible party (BGRP) on the Austrian gas market.
  • With this type of membership the company does not have direct access to the exchange trading system
  • The gas exchange related costs for this membership are € 1,000.00 p.m.


2. Active membership

  • The active membership enables companies to trade on the exchange via its nominated traders.
  • Trading of PEGAS CEGH Day Ahead, Weekend, Within-Day contracts as well as Hourly-Products is offered


For both types of membership, a contract with ECC and an agreement with a clearing bank are necessary in order to participate in the clearing and settlement process.

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