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Software and Connectivity

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Connection Template

Please find below the CEGH Connection Template for providing information regarding the type of communication in the nomination process with CEGH.

CEGH Connection Template


Nomination Formats

Based on the new regime also the operational nomination formats have been slightly changed. Please find here Edig@s and Kiss A testfiles for download.

Before sending testfiles, please contact our Dispatching team in advance:, phone +43-1-270 2700-28520

Edig@s testfiles

Kiss A examples


EIC Code Information

The new „Gas Market Model ordinance 2012” defines, that by 1st January 2013 EIC codes shall be used in the whole Austrian market area.

The EIC Codes of CEGH are:

  • EIC code to identify CEGH as party: 21X000000001062J
  • EIC code for the Virtual Trading Point: 21Y000000000009E


EIC Code description of the MAM:

Request form for EIC Codes at the MAM:

Published EIC Codes of the MAM:

General EIC Code information (manual, published codes, etc.) of ENTSOE and ENTSOG:


Manuals for CEGH CMT online system

The following manual explains in detail the function of the online web nomination and the CMT reporting function.



PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange Trading Gateway Mapping

Please find below an Excel File with the mapping for the PEGAS Trading Gateway (PEGAS CEGH contracts are listed on the PEGAS platform):

PEGAS mapping file

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